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#ItWorks March 2019 My Beautiful Finds: Meditative Chocolate, Quality Coffee At Home, Acai Face Oil

Kirasha..That Beautiful Spring Air! Fashion, Street Photography, BW Photography, 2019 Street style, Beauty, Best Skincare
Oh The Beautiful Spring Air!

Time of Inspiration, Nature Awakening and Beautiful Sunsets. Time for my #ItWorks March 2019 Edition. Today I am sharing with you my 7 beautiful finds that turned to be my Favorites in March 2019.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. As always, I only share with you finds that I've truly enjoyed.


I recommend turning on this great 2019 music podcast while scrolling through this post :)


1. Raw Chocolate that puts you in Meditation | Ombar Mandarine

Ombar The Best Raw Chocolate for Meditation joins Chemex
A Raw Chocolate Like Nothing Else

So happy be sharing this find with you :) It is a raw chocolate that I've discovered in France (note: I find some of the best chocolate there!). Immediately when I had my first bite, the chocolate began to melt, leaving me in a state of meditation for the next 20 or so minutes!

Just looking at the ingredients list brings be joy:

Ombar Mandarine Cranberry Ingredients, vegan chocolate with mandarine oil, Best Raw Chocolate 2019
Raw Cacao & Mandarine Oil Combo To Put You In Your Best Mood

Truly recommend this incredible chocolate that does not contain nuts; if you manage to find it - let me know!

2. Favorite Face Mist with Rose Water | Mario Badescu :

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray Beauty Review 2019
Aloe+Herbs+Rose Water= Happy Refreshed Me

This Mario Badescu Face Mist features the following ingredients:

- Aloe Leaf Juice

- Rose Extract - Gardenia extract: - Thyme Extract

I love how this Mist is so refreshing, and at the same time is making my skin glow. I use it in-between my training usually + as a toner.

TIP: You can use it on your hair as well and smell like a rose!

3. Favorite Way of Coffee Brewing | Chemex

Currently I am discovering different ways of brewing Coffee at home. What led me to it? A desire to drink quality coffee & being able to make it myself.

I am obviously still in the process and constantly find new information; however I am already at the point where I have been using 1 method long enough to tell you something about it :)

Watch this short video where I'm making Chemex from Colombian Coffee Beans

To make this coffee you will need:

-30 minutes of time -Quality coffee beans (TIP: get 1 pack, because beans have short shelf life time)

- Coffee beans grinder

- Mineral water

- Chemex (+filters)

- Brewista (or other similar temp. controlled kettle)

(you may want to get a scale as well, but in my opinion it is by no means a must)

I love how Chemex extracts all the goodness of the coffee beans and gives you an opportunity to enjoy an awesome cup (or 2!) of coffee right in the comfort of your home.

4. Favorite Face Oil | Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil (Maqui, Acai, Prickly Pear, Goji) by Youth to the People

Youth To The People Superberry Face Oil. Best Daytime Face Oil. Skincare 2019. Kirasha
This Almost Empty Bottle Is My Super Skincare Find

You know how much I love face oils. And especially ones that I can use during day-time. This one was and still is my saviour for instant skin nourishment & glow.

How I use it?

Apply in the morning after shower & at night before sleep. I sometimes skip moisturiser at all with this. But do use SPF nonetheless (see below)!

Why I love it?

Works instantly. Noticeable difference in skin glow and nourishment. Does not cause irritation or breakouts. Really good for sensitive skin.

5. My SPF Protection Go-To | SPF 50 UncompliKated Spray Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville SPF 50 UncompliKated Face Setting Spray. Beauty #ItWorks Kirasha
Finally SPF Protection Made Easier

This is a Makeup Setting Spray with SPF50 Protection. I love how easy it's become to apply on SPF.

How I use it?

Right after I've applied my makeup (or without makeup on moisturised skin). Will re-apply this throughout the day depending on the level of Sun exposure.

Why I love it?

This SPF Spray is perfect for fast & easy skin protection. Also, it has an incredible light Lavender scent.

6. A true Eucalyptus Paradise in a Candle | Mage Eucalyptus

Made from the natural ingredients (cire végétale, cire d'abeille, frqgrance naturelle) and by hand, this candle creates the most authentic Eucalyptus Forest feel at home. Love it!

Mage Eucalyptus 100% Natural Candle with Eucalyptus from Grasse home favorites 2019 kirasha
A 100% Natural Candle with Eucalyptus scent from Grasse (France)

7. Favorite Lip Treatment | Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask

La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask, Non Sticky Lip Mask, Non Sticky Lip Balm, Best Lip Treatment, Overnight lip treatment, Kirasha
This Berry Lip Mask Is Amazing For My Lips

I love lip balms & there is plenty of them on the market. But how difficult it is to find a good one; agree?

I finally found one that in my humble opinion is close to perfection. Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Berry Mix Complex™ (raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts: wow!) & hyaluronic acid; this wonderful lip mask locks in moisture on my lips.

Love this Laneige Lip Mask as:

  • It is a perfect lip remedy

  • It is not sticky

  • It does its' job even if I apply it for the shortest time

How I use it?

  • Apply it at night before sleep

  • Apply it during the day as a lip balm


Hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know which Featured Favorites would you like to try? Perhaps you have already tried some and would like to share your experience? Let me know in the comments!



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