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#ItWorks! My June Beauty Favorites: Kiehl's, La Mer, St Barth

Finally! Today I'm sharing with you a list of Beauty goods that work for me, 2018 June Edition.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. I only write about products that worked for me & brought me joy.

Let's go!

1. Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask by Kiehl's: HELLO GLOW!

Give Me Glow

This mask is so good; I feel tempted to use it EVERY day of the week. It is a recommended use of 3 days per week: I have to remind myself.

Why I love it?

-provides instant glow

-will work after 5 minutes already (that's how I use it most of the time)

-a lot of product

Just sayin:

-It is a jar so I think it should have a short shelf-time period (although Kiehl's says differently). Anyways, it encourages me to use this mask more often

How I use it?

-at any time when I want instant glow. -when I want to not only hydrate, but also clean my face (the mask works as a mild exfoliator as well)


These probiotics ALWAYS help me

It comes without saying that whatever you eat will show up on your skin. Having gone through countless brands of probiotics: I almost lost faith in them. But now I have finally found my one & only that WORKS.

PS: To this day I can only find them in Moscow

3. The Renewal Oil by La Mer : YOUR DAY-TIME FACE OIL

Finally a face oil for day-time use

I love facial oils, but unfortunately not all of them work for me. This oil, however, worked in synergy with my skin.

Why I love it?

-finally a face oil I can use in the day-time -sinks in very well to skin -no oil residue, skin breathes well

Just sayin:

-make a bigger bottle for the same price point. I feel that I'm running out of this fast:)

How I use it?

-mostly in the morning before applying my make-up. it smoothes out the skin & sometimes I will even skip the moisturizer part (=apply more oil then usual)

4. Rexaline Hydra-Shock Face Mask : A Must-Have for All

Truly a Hydro Shock!

If you haven't heard about this mask or used it by now: I'M SORRY FOR YOU!

Why I love it?

-instant hydration, thanks to some genius formula of hyaluronic acid

Just sayin:

-never discontinue. make more products with the same formula

How I use it?

-whenever I want I just apply it on my face, neck & hands. Night or Day.

5. St. Barth Coconut Oil: SMELL LIKE A COOKIE & GLOOOOW

Coconuts all over!

Love me some Coconut Oil! Have been using coconut oil for years now, so I thought: how this one in particular can be any different? The price is several times more than I'd usually pay for coconut oil.

It turns out, there is a difference.

Why I love it?

-it's a natural coconut oil with an incredible smell

-it's multi-purpose

How I use it?

-Body & Hair. Especially great after Sauna session

6. La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator: EXFOLIATE WITHOUT DRYING YOUR SKIN

SPA Essentials

This product is super unique. An Oil Exfoliator? SERIOUSLY? OIL?

It's hard to imagine how sceptical I was to try it first, given my super sensitive skin :D


This luxurious oil exfoliator worked so well.

Why I love it?

-this is an exfoliator that will exfoliate & at the same time leave your skin hydrated: wow!

-it complements well my La Mer Oil

-it's a perfect summer exfoliator

Just sayin:

-I feel that more people with dry skin need to know about this product

How I use it?

-When my skin is going through a dry phase (then can happen more often in summer due to AC); and I still need exfoliation

Having Beautiful Skin is a Work

Having a proper skincare routine is a big part of it. Hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know in the comments if you've already tried some of the above-mentioned Favorites?



PS: Notable Mentions

1. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask with Sea Buckthorn (YEES): just works

2. Limited Edition Clarins Lip Oil in Blackberry: the most pigmented of all Clarins lip oils, amazing!



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