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#ItWorks! My July Unsponsored Beauty Favorites

In this post I am continuing my #ItWorks Unsponsored Beauty Series, this time for the month of July, 2018! This is an honest review of my Favorite Beauty Products. NB: In my #ItWorks series I only display products which I loved & that have worked well. Also, I am not getting paid to showcase any beauty products in these series (& I plan to keep it that way!).

My Beauty Favorites Work All Around The Globe
My Beauty Favorites Work All Around The Globe

1. Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer by Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop: Your Water-Based Moisturizer That Actually Works
Your Water-Based Moisturizer That Hydrates

I was looking for a Water-based Moisturizer for the hottest days of the Summer, and I came across this one by Dr. Jart+ in Sephora. I haven't read about it or heard anything about it before, but I have a level of confidence with Dr. Jart+ beauty products so I decided to give it try.

I definitely didn't expect such good outcome especially at such a low price point!

I need to note here that I have been using this amazing moisturizer throughout June, July & partly August as well.

Why I love it?

-it is weightless and at the same time really hydrating

-amazing texture, I have not seen our found any analogues to this day

-it melts entirely into the skin

-works perfect with makeup application

-it's an affordable & quality moisturizer: a rare combo!

How I use it?

-I use it when I want a weightless & yet efficient hydration for my face; I find this product perfect for hot days too

2. Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser by Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam: A Gentle & Efficient Facial Cleanser
A Gentle & Efficient Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser that will not dry up your skin, and at the same time will clear it very well.

Why I love it?

-very fine texture

-has a pleasant Rose scent

-cleanses very well & keeps your skin hydrated

How I use it?

-wash my face with it + my Luna Foreo daily

3. Salted Coconut Exfoliant by LUSH

Lush Salted Coconut: A Hand Exfoliator Turned Into A Luxurious Body Exfoliator
A Hand Exfoliator Turned Into A Luxurious Body Exfoliator

This is an Exfoliant for Hands, but I preferred using it for my body. I fell in love with its smell & texture. It has to be noted that I am a regular user of Body Exfoliators during all seasons, and I like to change them up regularly.

Why I love it?

-incredible scent

-very good texture: the "scrubbing particles" are fine but there's so many of them that they manage to exfoliate skin well

How I use it?

-in the shower DAILY

(of course, I already ran out of it & have to get another 1!)

4. Ginger Shampoo & Ginger Conditioner by The Body Shop

The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner: For The Love of Ginger!
For The Love of Ginger!

NB: I have received these 2 products directly from The Body Shop to try. If you follow me on Insta, you know how much I LOVE Ginger. I take Ginger Shots almost on a daily. So to see my favorite ingredient in Hair Products (especially that Conditioner is 100% vegan & the Shampoo is 100% vegetarian)- was amazing. I was pleasantly amazed at the results.

Why I love them?

I feel that these 2 products go well in combination with each other, however you can also use them separately: it's entirely up to you! I saw different results from these 2 products:

Ginger Shampoo: this product is from The Body Shop SCALP Care Line. So it needs to be treated as such. Almost like a medicine for your scalp.

-it refreshes your scalp

-gets rid of the dry scalp: (TAKE A NOTE those who had their hair dyed & who generally tend to have a dry scalp), it hydrates it immediately

-your hair is shiny & silky afterwards

Ginger Conditioner:

-hair is moisturized after use

-it leaves a very pleasant ginger scent on your hair

-also helps with dry scalp

How I use them?

As previously said, I take these 2 products in combination & I use them as a sort of medicine for my scalp. I feel like in the summer, & after the summer our scalp tends especially to become dryer than usual (due to sun exposure), so it's a perfect remedy. I use them once a week.

5. Icon Welder, Hot Tool Shaper by EVO

Icon Welder, Hot Tool Shaper by Evo: A Styling + Hot Tool Protecting Product For Your Hair
A Styling + Hot Tool Protecting Product For Your Hair

I was looking for a hot-tool protection for my hair, & I came across this Australian brand while in Moscow. When it comes to hair, I feel like Australian brands tend to do a very good job. Maybe it's because there's so many surfers whose hair become damaged from the sea & sun that they became experts? (Just my wild guess). So thankfully, I was not disappointed with my purchase. To date, this is my favorite hot-tool hair protecting spray (& I have tried plenty).

Why I love it?

-it's a 200ml bottle that I feel is almost impossible to run out from

-it lubricates hair but also styles them: a superb combination

How I use it?

I like to spray it on damp hair all over, let my hair towel-dry & then use hot tools.

Let me know in the comments if you already tried some of my July Beauty Favorites? Or which 1 are looking to try most?

PS: Stay tuned to my Instagram as I like to throw Giveaways there based on my #ItWorks Beauty Favorites.



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