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Inventions 2018, Choosing Olive Oil, Making Dough

Today I'm sharing with you my new Youtube video. It is a format where I am sharing with you my updates.

You'll see how I visited the International Inventions Exhibition, did Olive Oil Shopping (ps: we ended up buying Sicilian oil 1st time, and went for the Pugliese from the vid on the 2nd); made my dough & visited Salon du Livre. I also made my first Shoutout on Youtube: you too have a chance to get one already in my next video! Just comment under my video what you liked most; or whatever you feel like :)

Watch here:

On the side note about Olive Oil: I have been impressed with the quality of this virgin olive oil. I'd even applied it on my sensitive skin; even face!!, and my skin was smooth and hydrated.

The video is not sponsored. Subscribe not to miss my new videos. Let me know which part you liked the most?



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