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How to Style a Blazer: Summer Edition 2018

Ever wondered how to wear your favorite pair of shorts and still look elegant?

That Summer Vibe

Blazer is the answer! It's been my savior for years.

How come?

It is multi-purpose:

-Blazer matches great with skirts & shorts; but also pants

-Goes well with dresses

-Can make any outfit look even more "stylish"

Blazer is the Answer!

Forget about that "I just came from the beach" look with a help of a Blazer
Style Up your outfit with a help of Statement Accessories.

A semi-classic blazer like the I'm wearing can be a great addition to your day or night out in town.

A twist to a plot: Experiment with your blazer.

Let me know in the comments if Blazers & Jackets are your must-haves as well? Share this article if you think that Blazers are great in Summer breezy days!



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