Something New! Journaling. "Fear Not"

March 19, 2020

Hey. So I thought- it’s a great time to start journaling.

Come with me on this Journey of a Lifetime.


Fear Not.


Think about people in prisons. Yes, there are indeed ones who are there for a reason. But there are also those who are there for “minor” convictions and those who are innocent.

Imagine living in fear every single day. What is going to become of you?

Your energy would be drained. And there will be no more power left to actually live.

Do you want to say that people in prisons don’t live? They do. We know of the people who served their sentences and continued their life- just outside of the cell.


Think about people fighting for their life in hospitals. Fear is destructive in every possible way.

The only way to live is to live without fear. Embrace every second, be grateful for the most (seemingly) primitive things that we do: such as breathing. There is no life without breathing. But there is life with fear- a very short & highly uninspiring one indeed.


So take a deep breath in.


A long breath out.


You are reading this, so you are alive. Let’s be thankful for that.




NB: all subsequent posts will be on kirasha.ch/blog


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