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Blood Orange Meets Chanel And Summer Outfit Struggles

Finding the "right" summer outfit can be a struggle. We want it to be comfortable, elegant and a statement- all at the same time. When it's hot outside my first choice would be to wear shorts. But then I would have to seek all the remaining components: shirt, accessories, cardigan etc. On top of that, shorts are not always appropriate for all social surroundings (workplace for one?).  There is a way out. A minimising balancing act for your summer look in-town right now.

Don't be afraid of the "minimising" effect: that is what we want for the summer in fact, "less" multi-layering. We will make sure though to still make a statement with a help of a secret ingredient- accessories. 

I find that a dress can be a very useful item during summer time. It is my go-to for moments when I want to avoid multi-layering (so not only during summer). Adding colour to your outfit is what can make it a statement too, given that it works in harmony with the whole "theme". 

Sharing with you my recent summer look in Geneva, where I incorporated lovely "Flame" & "Blood orange" colours in my dress & accessories. It was quite windy too, which I liked.


What I wore?

Dress - Ba&Sh

Jacket (tip: this long dress goes better without it) - Massimo Dutti

Shoes - Gucci

Bag - Chanel Flap Jumbo

Costume Jewellery Neckless - Chanel

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